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Marnie Wedlake, Co-Editor

Marnie Wedlake is a faculty member in the School of Health Studies at The University of Western Ontario, a Registered Psychotherapist, and an ex-mental patient. In the early 1990’s she spent about 4 years embedded deeply in the mental health system. In 1994 Marnie extricated herself from the system, and out of necessity she created her own ‘rehab’ program, which started with volunteer work and then a master’s degree. She started working full-time again, and went on to do her PhD.

Marnie believes most people share a fundamental desire to experience a greater sense of overall wellbeing, and that this not created or maintained through processes and systems that medicalize and pathologize how we cope with our burdens, traumas and adversities. Marnie is convinced that wellbeing is a fundamental state that is available to all people. In this regard, she feels ‘modern’ mental health care has lost its way.

Both professionally and academically, the philosophy that guides Marnie is perhaps best captured by her tagline: Wellbeing is not prescribed. It is created. With ownership and intention.’

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Lucy Costa, Co-Editor

Lucy works as an advocate promoting the rights of mental health service users/survivors in an independent service user rights-based organization in Toronto, Canada.

For over two decades, Lucy has worked as a community activist and advocate promoting the rights of mental health service users/survivors, as well as encouraging critical analysis about service user inclusion in the mental health sector. She has developed education curriculum for many stakeholders including psychiatry residents at the University of Toronto. She has written a number of articles, blogs and is co-editor of Madness Violence and Power: A Critical Collection as well as to a special edition of the Journal of Ethics and Mental Health.

Lucy is Azorean-Portuguese and speaks both English and Portuguese. Her work stems from, and is informed heavily by personal experiences growing up in a working-class, immigrant family.

The Mad In Canada Editorial Team also includes several other members. These are individuals from different parts of Canada who fulfill a variety of roles including, writing blogs, website maintenance, copy editing, answering emails, vetting comments.

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