Behind the Wall


The conscious world,
What a concept?
Voices echo in sonorous rhythm.
Social groups form with purposeful ease.
In a world of success,
The abject waits,
Behind walls so white they are grey.
A chance to be ignored,
As his meds steal away shadows of being,
A man once before.
Felt and spoken.
To kinship witness.
They know who you are.
Who are you?
Hospital sounds,
Ring with an urgent presence.
Doctors busy,
Validated lives and meaningful days.
In the state’s eyes.
Behind the wall,
Resides a soul who once sang out.
Before trauma mounted,
Its truth.
The realities of loss,
Unjustified by words,
Bleeds in your veins.
Wisdom you have,
They will never understand.
So, you wait,
For a chance to be free.
A citizen of health,
Former dreams,
And future lies.
You surmise,
And wait patiently,
Behind the wall.

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Eva Cupchik did her PhD in Theory and Criticism at Western University. She is queer/Jewish identified and a strong ally to Indigenous and trans (gender variant) communities. She maintains activist engagements with communities through writing groups and solidarity movements. Eva is also a survivor of the mental health industrial complex and she hopes to support folks who are cultivating healthy pathways on their healing journeys. Eva is an independent researcher.