A Disorder for Everyone! – The Online Festival 2022


The 3rd annual AD4E festival will bring you a whole day of change-making talks, presentations, conversations, poetry from far and wide.

About this event

In September of 2020 two and a half thousand people from over 15 different countries registered for the A Disorder for Everyone Online Festival. In September 2021 much the same happened.

For the last 2 years AD4E has brought together wisdom, experience and passion for change in an online festival full of inspiring contributors who all challenged the mainstream medicalised paradigm of emotional distress that labels and pathologises people’s suffering.


The feedback we received in the weeks & months that followed both events was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging and it provided us with yet more evidence that the appetite for this discussion is growing exponentially.



Too many people have simply had enough of people’s stories and experiences being
negated and dismissed by scientifically questionable labels. They want change, and they want to be part of a movement that is demanding change.

This September 2022 we are doing it all again.

Please sign up to join us and please help to spread the word as much as possible.