New Canadian Benzodiazepine Documentary – AIRS FEBRUARY 15th!


Radio-Canada’s Enquête presents “Cauchemar Sur Ordonnance” (Season 17: Episode 17)

The episode’s title translates to ‘prescription nightmare’ in French, and it will focus on the problem of benzodiazepine overprescription and harm.

Nicole Lamberson, Medicating Normal’s Head of Outreach, Marketing and Distribution was interviewed as both a subject and expert for this production. The stories of other benzodiazepine patients with lived experience will also be featured alongside more experts, including testimony from Dr. Alexis Ritvo (former co-chair of the Colorado Consortium’s Benzodiazepine Action Work Group); Dr. Jeff Gold, PharmD (as seen in Netflix’s “Take Your Pills: Xanax”); Dr. Jim Wright (a Canadian M.D. and clinical pharmacologist that we interviewed on the Medicating Normal YouTube channel); and more.

How to watch in Canada (French):

(For rebroadcast schedules, see ‘Autres horaires et rediffusions‘)

How to watch outside of Canada (with English Closed Captions): 

Click here to be redirected to Radio Canada’s YouTube playlist of Enquêteepisodes. Wait for the “Cauchemar Sur Ordonnance” episode to be uploaded and available. Click on the episode to play it, and use the “CC” button and the ‘Settings’ cog to turn on Closed Captions in English.

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