July 22: MIA Continuing Ed webinar on Hearing Voices: The Value of Experts by Experience.


In this webinar Dmitriy Gutkovich will present on how lived experience is reshaping support and strategy in the hearing voices community.

About this event

Major topics will include a brief history of the hearing voices movement, including its struggles from a social justice perspective. Dmitriy will address frequent voice-hearing challenges including belief structures, attention, hostility, isolation, and relationships; and how community solutions have helped impact what is a fundamentally individual experience. He will then discuss more recent research, and how social and individual perspectives on hearing voices can impact quality-of-life. Finally, he will conclude with a conversation on the challenges for building a knowledge base for lived experience solutions, unifying a hearing voices community, and changing the public narrative of stigma and discrimination on the experience.


Dmitriy Gutkovich: In addition to 11 years of personal lived experience, Dmitriy has earned leadership roles in nonprofits including Hearing Voices Network NYC, Hearing Voices Network USA, ISPS-US, and The New York City Peer Workforce Coalition. He is the recently published author of “Life with Voices: A Guide for Harmony” and collaborates as a project partner for Yale’s Cope Project. He has also frequently appeared on podcasts and webinars, championing the role for lived experience in the national conversation.

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Mad in America Continuing Education provides professional education with internationally respected researchers, clinicians and program directors. The goal is to create the foundation for reform in mental health systems around the world.

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July 22: MIA Continuing Ed webinar on Hearing Voices: The Value of Experts by Experience. Register here.