Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Exploring Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities: #4 – The psychiatric drugging of our children: A developing international crisis


Mad in America, the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry, International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and A Disorder 4 Everyone are pleased to announce a series of live, online town hall discussions focussing on issues related to psychiatric drug withdrawal. Each town hall will feature a panel comprised of a mix of professionals and people with lived experience. Following the discussion, there will be an opportunity for viewer questions.

For our fourth discussion in this series, we are focussing on the prescribing of psychiatric drugs to children and adolescents. Rates of prescriptions of psychiatric drugs for children and adolescents continue to increase around the world, with the USA leading the way. The effects on the developing brain of these powerful substances are under researched. Four international experts come together to outline the extent of the problem and discuss solutions.

Join us on Friday, August 13, 2021 at 9 AM PDT, Noon EDT, 5 PM BST, 6 PM CEST for a panel discussion that will include questions and comments from the audience.

A donation of $1 or greater is requested but we realise that not everyone is in a position
to be able to donate so a free option is available when registering. Please note that your donation helps greatly and enables us to organise and present these events. Register below and we will email you a Zoom link on the day.

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